Welcome to My Angra Boutique Hostel!


If you are reading this post, we believe it is because you are considering staying with us in your trip to the Azores. So, let us tell you a bit about the house where you can spend some days in one of the best trips of your life.

This hostel was inaugurated in April 2017 and it’s a project that took almost five years to be completed, from it’s first thoughts in 2012 to the day it opened doors.

The main challenge was to rebuild an old house, in which several generations of the family had spent their lives and to respect the happy moments that remain in memory of the present owners.

This is a house from the nineteenth century bought by the hostel owner’s Great Grandfather in the beginning of the twentieth century, when he returned to the island from the USA, where he had spent part of his life as an emigrant.

It is a house in the centre of Angra do Heroísmo city with 6 rooms, a library and a social area with kitchen, dinning room and living room. Despite being in the centre of a city one can find an amazing backyard to rest and joy the sunny days and an interior patio for the morning breakfast or evening talks with friends, family and other guests.

The present building has got a mix of old and contemporary architecutre, allowing to keep the essence and spirit of the old house with the comfort of the present days. As for the furniture, our guests will also have the chance to use some pieces recovered from the old house and new pieces of furniture.

In our future post we will have the chance to write about different topics, one of them will be stories about the people and events that took place in this house. Stories that we are happy to share with our guests, who we also invite to come and stay with us and be part of the news stories that are to be written.